Top Franchise Media Expert Reveals How To Be Ready For Negative Media Scrutiny That Can Ruin Reputations And Bottom Lines 
From: Pete Burdon

Dear Franchisor

If you believe your franchise is bulletproof from news media threats, think again. I'm personally aware of issues that either blew up or almost blew up for franchisors in the the New Zealand health, retail, childcare, food service, property and home services industries over the past 12 months. On all of these occasions, the franchisor did nothing wrong.

This can devastate  your entire system, but you can protect it. I'm sure you have an insurance policy in place to deal with financial loss.

But what about your reputation?

How would you like to sleep tonight knowing that you are in control if something blows up and your franchise is protected from any potential news media scrutiny?

If this is you, you need to attend this Webinar. Some of the things covered will include:
  • The simple and quick way to prepare your franchise
  • The stress-free way to control media coverage of a crisis or negative event
  •  The 5 must-have's in your hassle-free crisis communication plan
  •  How to limit the damage, and sometimes even grow your profits after a negative event
“It's Too Late To Wait For PR Help”
I've worked with two types of businesses when it comes to crisis communication in today's world.

The first group have a plan and are ready to act immediately when something goes wrong. This is vital because people make up their mind quickly as to whether you are a victim or a villian. This group come out with minimal damage because they were able to communicate straight away when people were still forming their opinions.

The second group suffer badly because they were nowhere to be seen in this opinion-forming stage. You need PR help, but it can take time for that to arrive. You must be ready to act yourself and have a plan in place for that.

Event: Webinar
Date:  September 12 
Time: 11am-12pm
“Who Should Attend This Event?"
The workshop is designed for franchise head office staff and owners. This includes anyone in the C-suite, marketing managers and anyone else who may be required to deal with the news media.

It also includes those who may use the services of a public relations consultancy. While most of what’s covered can be managed in-house, the workshop will offer value to anyone in a leadership role in a franchise. 
  •  Franchisors and Franchisees
  •  Franchise industry suppliers or consultants
  •  Franchise marketing, public relations and communication staff
  •  Action takers!
Event: Webinar
Date:   September 12 
Time:  11am-12pm
What People Have Said About Franchise Media Training Workshops…
Today’s workshop was great in highlighting the practical things we need to think about as Franchisors and the opportunities and challenges we have with media. We need to be prepared. Franchisors need to put this on their radar and speak to Pete. He’s practical, experienced and has a focus on Franchise systems.
Nathan Bonney
 Chief Operating Officer 
The Cobb Group
The workshop was well worth the investment because it was so practical. If something goes wrong and the media get involved, I don’t think most Franchisors are ready to deal with it. The proof comes out when we’re put on the spot and I don’t think many of us are ready for that, despite the massive damage that can be done to our brands. Pete showed us how to be ready. Well worth it.
Estelle Logan
 NZ National Franchisee
 VIP Home Services
Be Ready Before It's Too Late?
I've often had people contact me or attend my workshops after a negative media experience. Without fail, they all say they wished they had understood all this before the incident happened.

It's not difficult or expensive to be prepared, but it can be crippling and highly stressful if something happens when you have no idea how to respond or take too long.

The webinar will cover all of this. Sign up before it's too late.

Event: Webinar
Date:   September 12
Time:  11am-12pm
Author, Speaker, Franchise Media Specialist
Pete is the founder and head trainer of Franchise Media Training. He is a former daily newspaper reporter and high-profile government press secretary.

This puts him in the unique position of having worked on both sides of the media interaction. This experience is valuable and allows him to offer training with the needs of both reporter and spokesperson in mind.

Pete began specialising in the franchise sector because he could see how vital the news media is to it. In a nutshell, it has many more opportunities to attract positive media attention, but also has more to lose when things go wrong. His training has been certified by the Franchise Council of Australia.

His focus is on showing franchises how to attract this positive attention and how to prepare for that possible negative story that could be just around the corner.

Pete has Masters Degrees in Journalism and Communication Management, lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and works across both New Zealand and Australia.

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