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Pete Burdon 1 August, 2018
If you're interested in learning more about how the news media can help you sell more franchises and grow the profits of your franchisees for FREE, you can follow my new regular column in Business Franchise, Australia and New Zealand. 

I've teamed up with them because of the huge opportunities that most franchises are not taking advantage of. You can find my introductory article for the magazine at the following link along with other articles I've had published in franchise media.

The introductory article is the one titled, "NEED LOCAL MEDIA ADVICE." The other articles may also be of interest.

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Pete Burdon

Pete developed his blog and training after roles as a daily newspaper reporter and government press secretary. 

This experience gave him the knowledge to understand exactly what reporters and producers want and how Franchise businesses can grow their profiles and reputations by giving it to them 
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