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About Pete Burdon
Franchise Media Training is run by founder and head trainer Pete Burdon. Pete is a highly sought after media trainer with a strong focus on the Franchise Industry.
His training focus is on helping Franchise businesses grow their bottom lines by generating their own positive news media publicity. This includes both online and face-to-face training options. His training extends to media interview preparation and crisis communication, all with a focus on the Franchise Industry.
New FREE ongoing media advice for franchisors and franchisees to grow profits and sales
Pete Burdon 1st August 2018
If you're interested in learning more about how the news media can help you sell more franchises and grow the profits of your franchisees for FREE, you can follow my new regular column in Business Franchise, Australia and New Zealand. 
Why is the news media more relevant to a franchise than any other business?
Pete Burdon 31st Oct 2017
There are two big reasons why the news media means so much to franchises. Firstly, they are in a far better position to attract masses of free media attention. And secondly, they have far more to lose when reporters come knocking for the wrong reasons.
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