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If you're like me, you've always loved the idea of being able to make money and grow your businesses without spending lots of money!

Most Franchise owners don't know how they can MASSIVELY grow their business by getting lots of FREE media and Positive PR.

I want to personally help you to achieve success in this area and I'm going to share my secret strategies to help you navigate your way around how to grow your Franchise using the power of the  Media!

I have listed below my core programs that will help catapult and grow your Franchise like no other marketing!! and the best thing is it can happen Super Fast...

One last thing; the bundle package I have put together gives you the best of everything at amazing value and all the  tools you need to Fast Track your Success and protect your Franchise reputation!
Pete Burdon
Grow Your Franchise Profits With Free Press
Franchises are in a unique position to generate positive news media attention and reap all the benefits it creates. This includes profile and reputation building, which leads to massive growth in bottom lines and new Franchisees. Not only does the greater name recognition that Franchises possess help attract the eye of media, but having Franchisees in multiple locations means that media coverage can be generated across the entire country with the same material and minimal work.

This course is specifically designed for Franchisors and Franchisees. It shows you how to get this coverage yourselves in minimal time. It turns you into part-time media savvy news hunters who can generate thousands of dollars worth of free press quickly without spending a cent.

What will you learn? 
  •  What news media to target (for Franchisees and Franchisors)
  •  What the news media want from Franchisees and Franchisors
  •  How to communicate with journalists, editors and producers 
  •  How Franchisors can conduct simple, national media campaigns with Franchisees 
  •  How the internet and social media can boost your news media coverage 
  •  Tactics from a media insider to maximise your coverage and save you time 
Course details :
The course is presented in the form of 12 videos with a combined time of 86 minutes, plus exercises. 
Course notes are all downloadable, while access is granted to the Franchisor and all Franchisees for 12 months.

YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY $2997+GST for everyone in the franchise.
Media Interview Training for Franchises
Media interviews are different from other conversations. That’s because reporters only use snippets of the interview in the stories they write or produce. This is why you need to approach a media interview differently. Basically you need to work out what you want the story to focus on and keep coming back to those points. There is a particular way to do this. That’s the focus of this training.

This course is designed specifically for Franchisors and Franchisees. What’s unique about it are the two sections. Firstly, the videos show you want to do. Then secondly, you are asked to put your news skills to the test through our inbuilt Franchise-focused interview scenarios you take part in through your computer webcam.

What will you learn? 
  • Make sure your points are the focus of the story
  •  Avoid being misquoted or quoted out of context
  •  Look and feel comfortable in any media interview 
  •  Craft the perfect sound bite
  •  Be prepared for tough questions (if you ever have to face an interview about something negative) 
  •  Communicate better with other stakeholders 
Course details :
The course is presented in two parts. There are 10 videos explaining the media interview process ranging from developing 
what you want to say to adapting to different interview formats. 
Access is for four people from the Franchise for 12 months. 

YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY $2997+GST for 4 people.
Crisis Communication Plan Template
If your Franchise does find itself in the midst of a crisis or adverse event that attracts lots of media and public interest, your reputation could take a huge hit if you’re not prepared. A crisis communication plan is that preparation. It covers thing like who will do what when media start arriving on the doorstep, how you’ll deal with social media anger and many other things.

This plan template and accompanying video instructions is specifically designed for Franchisors. It shows you what to do to be prepared, and let’s you fill in the gaps where necessary. It also includes 6 holding statements on issues that could affect your franchise. 

These days you need to respond to stakeholders and the media within minutes of something happening to maintain your reputation. These statement allow you to fill in the gaps and send them out within minutes. See the accompanying video to see what this looks like. Your crisis communication plan is an insurance policy on your reputation. 
YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY $3997+GST for the franchise.
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  •  Grow Your Franchise Profits With Free Press: Investment $2997 + GST
  •  Media Interview Training for Franchises: Investment $2997 + GST
  •  Crisis Communication Plan Template for Franchises: Investment $3997 + GST
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  • Special Report: 35 Ways to get your Franchise in the News: Value $300
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Grow Your Franchise Profits With Free Press
Media Interview Training for Franchises
 Crisis Communication Plan for Franchises
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