Franchise Crisis Communication Plan
If your Franchise does find itself in the midst of a crisis or adverse event that attracts lots of media and public interest, your reputation could take a huge hit if you’re not prepared. A crisis communication plan is that preparation. It covers thing like who will do what when media start arriving on the doorstep, how you’ll deal with social media anger and many other things.
This plan template and accompanying video instructions is specifically designed for Franchisors. It shows you what to do to be prepared, and let’s you fill in the gaps where necessary. It also includes 6 holding statements on issues that could affect your franchise.

These days you need to respond to stakeholders and the media within minutes of something happening to maintain your reputation. These statement allow you to fill in the gaps and send them out within minutes. See the accompanying video to see what this looks like. Your crisis communication plan is an insurance policy on your reputation.

YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY AUD $3997 for the franchise.
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