Media Mentoring
Would you like support in growing your franchise sales and profits with free press? If so, you should consider my “Franchise Media Mastermind” group. 

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions then this may be exactly what you are looking for.
  •  Are you looking for new, innovative ways to sell franchises?
  •  Would you like to add a powerful new local marketing tool to your entire network? 
  •  Would you like to grow your profile and reputation in the community? 
  •  Would you like to get in front of a whole new group of potential franchisees and customers or clients? 
Pick Pete's Brain For An Hour
Have a news media question or need help with your publicity hunting? Pick my brain
I can help you with any news media question or problem.

This can be done via phone or Skype.
Live Training
Want a speaker for your next conference or a live training workshop? These can be focused on generating positive media attention for your franchise, or getting prepared for that possible negative media attention that can cripple reputations.
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