Grow Your Franchise Profits With Free Press-Online
Franchises are in a unique position to generate positive news media attention and reap all the benefits it creates. This includes profile and reputation building, which leads to massive growth in bottom lines and new Franchisees. Not only does the greater name recognition that Franchises possess help attract the eye of media, but having Franchisees in multiple locations means that media coverage can be generated across the entire country with the same material and minimal work.
Media Interview Training for Franchises-Online
Media interviews are different from other conversations. That’s because reporters only use snippets of the interview in the stories they write or produce. This is why you need to approach a media interview differently. Basically you need to work out what you want the story to focus on and keep coming back to those points. There is a particular way to do this. That’s the focus of this training.
Franchise Crisis Communication Plan
If your Franchise does find itself in the midst of a crisis or adverse event that attracts lots of media and public interest, your reputation could take a huge hit if you’re not prepared. A crisis communication plan is that preparation. It covers thing like who will do what when media start arriving on the doorstep, how you’ll deal with social media anger and many other things.
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