Media Interview Training for Franchises
Media interviews are different from other conversations. That’s because reporters only use snippets of the interview in the stories they write or produce. This is why you need to approach a media interview differently. Basically you need to work out what you want the story to focus on and keep coming back to those points. There is a particular way to do this. That’s the focus of this training.
This course is designed specifically for Franchisors and Franchisees. What’s unique about it are the two sections. Firstly, the videos show you want to do. Then secondly, you are asked to put your news skills to the test through our inbuilt Franchise-focused interview scenarios you take part in through your computer webcam.

What will you learn? 
  •  Make sure your points are the focus of the story
  •  Avoid being misquoted or quoted out of context
  •  Look and feel comfortable in any media interview 
  •  Craft the perfect sound bite
  •  Be prepared for tough questions (if you ever have to face an interview about something negative)
  •  Communicate better with other stakeholders 
Course details :
The course is presented in two parts. There are 10 videos explaining the media interview process ranging from developing
what you want to say to adapting to different interview formats.
Access is for four people from the Franchise for 12 months.

YOUR INVESTMENT ONLY AUD $2997 for 4 people.
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