Presentations and Workshops
Keynote Presentations

Pete gives Franchise-focused presentations on the following topics.

Grow your franchise profits with free press
This focuses on harnessing the power of the news media to grow the profile, reputation and bottom line of your franchise.

When your franchise is the headline
This covers how to prepare for and deal with negative media attention that can damage your reputation and bottom line.

Pete uses real-life examples and his own stories to get his points across. Engaging, funny at times, and effective, your audience will be both entertained and learn some valuable new skills. Presentations typically last from 30-minutes to 2-hours and are specifically tailored to the franchise industry.

For more information or to book Pete for your next conference, contact:

Franchise Workshops

Grow your Franchise profits with free press
This focuses on how to attract positive media attention for your franchise. It’s specifically for franchisors and franchisees, covering areas that are unique to them. The focus is everything from what the media want from franchises to the insider tactics that can lead to massive amounts of media attention across countries.

Media Training for Franchise Spokespeople Workshops
This workshop is specifically for franchisors and franchisees who may need to speak to the news media in either good times or bad. Participants learn how to appear and feel confident during interviews, how to ensure their points get reported and how to avoid being misquoted or quoted out of context. One skill is learnt at a time before participants are asked to put that into practice on camera. This is the only way to learn these skills.

Workshops are run for full and half days. For more information or to book a time, contact:

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